Chapter Committees

American Indian Scholarship:  Elizabeth Midgett
Bylaws: Brenda Rose
Children of the American Colonists: Cynthia Matsumoto
College of the Ozarks: Elizabeth Midgett
Colonial and Genealogical Records: Emily Britt, Jenny Inskeep
Finance: Nancy Mader, Constance Paradiso, Penny Chaboudy
Flag of the United States of America: Patty Hodson, Deborah Corey
Golden Acorns:  Kimberly Mader
Historic Landmarks: Patty Hodson, Deborah Corey
Membership: Emily Britt, Penny Chaboudy, Nina Reauveau
National and State Awards: Jenny Inskeep, Laurie Nesbitt
National Defense: Theresa Whitesell
Patriotic Education: Penny Chaboudy, Cynthia Matsumoto
Public Relations: Brenda Rose
Veterans Service: Delores Lacovitch
Webmaster: Constance Paradiso
Yearbook: Constance Paradiso